View Full Version : Dye dodging with Dr. Ph Martin's etc. anybody?

Hans Berkhout
5-Apr-2007, 18:11
I need to dye dodge the occasional neg; the Veronica Cass line not available anymore, I'd appreciate any advice as to exactly which ( Dr. Ph. Martin's?) colors to buy, no need for an extensive set , just a few bottles as recommended by any of you who might have experience in this field.
I enlarge on V.C. paper.

Thanks in advance,

Hans B.

ronald moravec
10-Apr-2007, 13:19
Kodak Crocein Scarlet 5413-75-2

You will probably need to special order from B&H.

10-Apr-2007, 20:41
I just tried some #11 Light Grey Dr. Ph. Martin's Syncromatic Transparent Water Color (that's what the bottle says:) ) on a Fomapan 200 negative. It looks like you would need to do multiple coats to match a sky area. Judging the tint of the grey, it's not an exact match to the negative, but the Dr. Martin's does appear to be a neutral grey.

Please note: I had the bottle for an airbrush project and have never used the stuff on a negative, and I haven't printed anything using the Dr. Martin's.

Hans, if I knew what film and paper you are going to use, I could do a test. Also let me know what criteria you need to judge the Dr. Martin's for.


Louie Powell
13-Apr-2007, 12:54
I use a magenta flavor of Dr. Martin's (don't remember the actual name, and I'm too tired to walk downstairs to look). I suspect that the actual tint is not nearly as important as practice in using it.

I was taught dye dodging by Chip Forelli who pointed out that while you can use a neutral gray dye, using a color has the additional benefit of playing with the contrast in the area that you are dodging. Using a dye in the magenta family both holds back light in that area, and increases the contrast within the dyed area. That seems to have a double-whammy effect - the added contrast increases the apparent impact of the dodging.

Using a dye in the yellow family will decrease contrast in the dyed area.

Hans Berkhout
21-Apr-2007, 14:58
Thanks responders! I'll make a trip to the artsupplies store.
Ken, this is for an APX100 neg, I print on Ilford Multigrade, with dichroic light source. I'll have to do do some testing.