View Full Version : URL for light 3 wheel cart good for large format???

Nacio Jan Brown
8-Jun-2000, 23:46
A few months ago I found a website for a collapsable, light-weight 3 wheel cart, sort of like what mail carriers use. The wheels were large to accomodate stairs , rough terrain, etc. As I recall, there were three models, costing between $100 and $200 (I think).. I can't find the URL. Has anyone else come across this?? T IA, njb

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
8-Jun-2000, 23:59
Is this it?


Ray Dunn
9-Jun-2000, 00:04
I've been looking at something similar to haul my camping gear with me on trips WAY into the backcountry without having all the weight on my back. Look at the game carriers in Cabela's (www.cabelas.com) in the hunting section, under game carriers. The Trophy Whitetail Deer Hauler is about $120 and looks pretty rugged but only weighs 10 lbs. I haven't bought one yet, but this is the best selection that I've seen.

Nacio Jan Brown
9-Jun-2000, 00:11
Thanks Sean and Ray. Neither site is the one I came across. I seem to recall tha t large format camera gear was specifically discussed at the website. I think th at the frame was tubular aluminum, the bags nylon. ??? njb

Jay M. Packer
9-Jun-2000, 01:31
How about www.sherpacart.com ?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
9-Jun-2000, 10:53
Sean and Ray? Hmmmm. Whatever happened to Bob & Ray #;^)

Nacio Jan Brown
9-Jun-2000, 12:43
www.sherpacart.com it is. Thanks, Jay. njb

David Richhart
10-Jun-2000, 09:48
Be careful Sean... your age is showing... ;0D