View Full Version : Longest F5.6 lens to fold in a Horseman FA45

Kevin Thomas
5-Apr-2007, 17:43
Hi All,

I came into LF by some very dubious logic about moving up from a Xpan to 6x12cm. But once my FA45 arrived I somehow owned a Fuji Quickload before the 6x12 RFH arrived.

After a few weeks of shooting with a 65mm f8 and 300mm f9 I now realise I need a longish quick lens to keep on my camera when folded. Especially when shooting around the magic hour, and I have packed away and headed to the car and the chance of another shot presents itself if I am quick enough.



Ted Harris
5-Apr-2007, 18:54
Unfotunately the answer is no modern lens fits folded unless you do some modification to the camera base, take a look and you will see what I mean. On the other hand, leaving the camera open an ready to go with the lens mounted is always an option and if that doesn't work it cannot possibly take more than 5 seconds to mount a lens, well maybe 10.

Brian Ellis
5-Apr-2007, 19:55
Leave the lens on the camera with a cap on it, camera on the tripod, carry the tripod to the car over your shoulder. Of course if you happen to have the wrong lens on the camera then it's worse than having no lens on at all, which is one reason why I've never cared to keep a lens on a folded camera.

6-Apr-2007, 03:55
135mm f5.6 Sironar/Sinaron will fit with the Copal O, but not the later S version

Ted Harris
6-Apr-2007, 05:24
ADG, is that with the cap on?

Kevin Thomas
21-May-2007, 04:59
Brian you were absolutely right but as a newbie I was suffering from “My precious new camera syndrome”. After shooting everything was carefully packed away before heading to a new location or returning to the car.
It was not just a case of mounting the lens but of extending the tripod and then retrieving camera, lens, cable release, film holder or RFH, light meter and starting from scratch.
Now I follow your advice and keep the camera on the tripod unless the ground is particularly treacherous. I also keep it set up in the car for the drive home.

I would also add that as a newbie you really need to get to know your kit. On reflection setting it up a couple of times in the living room wasn’t adequate preparation. No matter how great your experience in another format there is much to learn as you enter the world of LF.

Steve Clark
21-May-2007, 06:47
As I often shoot in crappy weather, I like to have a set of small lenses that will fold into the camera. For the FA, I use a 90/6.8 Angulon, 135/5.6 Apo-Sironar-N, 150/9 Doctor, and a 180/9 Fujinon. The 180 requires a very minor modification to the bed rails, ( so simple, even a caveman can do it! ) The 150 and 180 also serve double duty on the 5x7. For the times that these lenses aren`t what I need, as others have said, leave everything assembled on the seat of the car. Doesn`t get much faster than that.

Kevin Thomas
21-May-2007, 10:59
The Apo-sironar n 135mm/5.6 is definitely on my list of lenses to buy. Having recently added the apo-sironar s 210/5.6 I was amazed just how bright the image on the GG is compared to my other two – F8 and F9. Another LF lesson, yes one stop is really twice as bright! Never had such a startling experience in 35mm say between F1.4 and F2.8.

Kevin Thomas
31-May-2007, 05:37
Hi Ted,

I got a Rodenstock 135mm f5.6 Apo Sironar N labeled by Sinar as the Sinaron S, Multicoated. Yes it folds into the FA45 with the cap on.