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Guy Stewart
3-Apr-2007, 14:24
Before I posted this inquiry, I did look for similar ones but couldn't find any. So, does anyone know where I can buy the "old' Velvia 50 in 8 x 10 - boxes of 10 sheets or more. Even more (foolishly is probably the right adverb), from some deep freezer somewhere, AgfaChrome 8 x 10. I belive the ASA was eiether 25 or 50.
Guy gkslaw@bellsouth.net

3-Apr-2007, 14:57

According to the Fuji website it is not available in 8x10.

The original Velvia product that provides the High Saturation and Vivid color that has become a Favorite of Photographers. Velvia 50 is expected to be available into 2006 with eventual replacement by Fujichrome Velvia 100 Professional.
ISO 50

RMS 9 Granularity

High Sharpness and Unique Image Colors Producing

Full-Bodied Images and Three Dimensional Depth.

Available in 35mm, 120/220, and 4x5 sheets


Eric Leppanen
3-Apr-2007, 15:19
It's relatively expensive, but Dirk Rosler (Megaperls) still lists it:


Ted Harris
3-Apr-2007, 17:26
As for the Agfa, that has been gone for a long time. I have some 10+ boxes of Agfa RSXII 100 left in the freezer in13x18. It's expiration ws in 2005 ot give you an idea.

I bought out the remaining fim of a small store in Europe and this was the las of Agfa's color sheet film AFAIK.

Dirk Rösler
3-Apr-2007, 19:58
Yes, it is still on sale in Japan as normal. Slide film is not cheap here, generally.

13-Apr-2007, 19:43
A box of 10 and a box of 50 are available on ebay I saw them today.......good luck!