View Full Version : Compur Shutter: which one and how old ?

Ken Lee
2-Apr-2007, 19:13
I have recently acquired an old Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar in Compur shutter. Lens aside, the shutter looks exactly like the one pictured above, except that the writing is in German.

The serial number is "DRP No. 258646 DRGM".

Can anyone tell me how old this shutter is, and point me to a page that lists its critical measurements ?

While we're on the subject, the lens itself is "Carl Zeiss Jena Nr. 668770 Tessar 1:4.5 f=18 cm". If someone could tell me the age of the lens, that would be terrific !

Arne Croell
2-Apr-2007, 20:00
That pre-WWII Tessar usually came in a Compur 2/VI. Sorry,i don't have any exact measures, maybe Ole can help out here.
The serial number dates it to the mid-1920's.

2-Apr-2007, 20:32
It might be old, but it is still very usable. I have same shutter on one of my Graphics. My research indicates that this model was was last manufactured in 1925.

Ole Tjugen
2-Apr-2007, 23:23
Dial-set Compur shutters were not as standardised as the rim-set shutters that replaced them around 1928 (dating from the changeover on Schneider lenses), so I can't give exact measurements. Compur 2/VI is correct, but only for rim-set - I have a 180mm f:4.5 Xenar in a dial-set shutter that is sligtly different from the later rim-set 2/VI.

The dial-set Compurs are quite good, and mostly easy to repair. There's a very good instruction HERE (http://www.davidrichert.com/dial_set_compur.htm).

Later Compur 2 shutter measurements can be found in the thread linked to in my signature. :)

Emmanuel BIGLER
3-Apr-2007, 00:46
Just for historical purpose

DRP = Deustches Reichspatent = German (imperial) patent
DRGM = Deutsches ReichsGebrauchsMuster = German (imperial) registered design (or model)

DRP/DRGM is engraved on many German photographic products until about 1950 where it was substituted to DBP/DBGM, "B" for Bundes (federal, instead of imperial)

Dan Fromm
3-Apr-2007, 02:51
The lens was made in 1926.

Ken Lee
3-Apr-2007, 06:57
Thank you all very much !!!