View Full Version : Does a new roll film holder include an empty spool?

8-Jun-2000, 16:43
I received a new wista 6x7 holder today. There is no empty spool in the box. Is it right? or I have to get one myself? This is my first time using 120 film. I d on't even have a waste roll.

sheldon hambrick
8-Jun-2000, 17:16
Not to be mean, but if it's not there, it's not there. Try getting one from a pro lab or a pro camera store.

Doug Paramore
8-Jun-2000, 18:01
Get two. You always should carry a spare. If you ever drop the empty spool when changing film it is universal law that you will either step on it, it will roll into a ravine or under the washing machine, or the dog will eat it. The former post is correct...go by a pro lab or even your local mini lab might have extras. Pro labs have wash tubs full of them at the end of a day's run. If you can't find them locally, e-mail me and I will drop you a couple in the mail gratis. Good shooting.

Trevor Crone
9-Jun-2000, 15:04
How mean. I've only purchased Horseman roll backs and they always have a take-up spool included. Regards,Trevor.