View Full Version : Fuji fp 100c-45 and cooke ps945

George Kara
2-Apr-2007, 11:03
This is a wonderful combination for figure/portraits. I havent blown up beyond 8x10 but plan on doing so today or tomorrow.

I was wondering how this instant film will stand up to enlargement seeing as how polaroid 53 doesnt do well.

Printing on Moab Kayenta matte paper using imageprint for a rip and my little epson 2200 looks wonderful for portraiture. There is a certain complexity and almost watercolor like luminescence to it.

No question that this combination produces a very pleasing image. At the same time I printed a portrait from my canon eos 1ds at the same size. The fuji print had a far more subtle and nuanced look. I really am surprised at the very large difference from the smallish prints.


Ted Harris
2-Apr-2007, 11:28
I wouldn't hold out much hope for oustading reproduction beyond 8x10, or eventhat large most of the time considering you are working with a scan from a second generation image (the negative being the firt generation) but youmay be surprised.

Making a comparison with T53 is apples and oranges. You need to compar it to Polaroid T59 or T79, their color peel apart films. I have some dim recollection of trying to scan and enlarge from T79 several years ago without much success.