View Full Version : Mounting a 19" Red Dot Artar in Ilex #4

Frank R
2-Apr-2007, 08:09
I just picked up a 19" Red Dot Artar barrel lens and an Ilex #4 shutter. The front cell screws right in but the rear cell bottoms out in the shutter before being fully threaded in.

I have seen pictures of this combination and it does not look like any kind of custom adapter was used.

Any ideas on what I need to do to get this lens mounted in a shutter? Send it to S.K. Grimes?

Carsten Wolff
2-Apr-2007, 15:44
Yes, or else, you could also send it to e.g. Lensn2shutter (if you're in the US/Canada area....)...

2-Apr-2007, 22:18

I agree... send it to Tim at www.lensN2shutter.com

He installed a 19" RDA into a Copal 3 shutter and an adapter was required... which he gladly did!

It's a great piece of glass though and well worth the dollars to get it done right. :)