View Full Version : Need some help with a Goerz Lens !

1-Apr-2007, 13:59
Hey guys, I have no knowledge of camera lens but I picked up at an auction in a box lot this huge lens. I asked the auctioneer about it and he claimed it was a German submarine piece, I don't think is true but I need some help on this one! The lens reads HYPAR 1:3,5 F=300mm (thats the first line) C.P. Goerz Berlin (2nd line) No. 385102 (3rd line). This lens is huge and pretty heavy, just wondering if anyone had any information on this, what it was used for etc? And if anyone knows what sort of value, if any, does this lens hold? I can send some pictures to people if they are interested to help them out. I appreciate all of the help, Thanks guys, Brandon

Dan Fromm
1-Apr-2007, 15:24
It is a triplet. Hypars are, I'm told, cult lenses so it may be worth more than the average doorstop.



1-Apr-2007, 21:49
what do you mean more than your average door stop?

neil poulsen
1-Apr-2007, 22:00
The question is, is it worth more than a really great doorstop?

Jim Galli
1-Apr-2007, 22:27
If you couldn't afford a Cooke or a Heliar, you might have bought a Goerz Hypar. It was intended for portraiture. The 12" was for the 6X4 or postcard format. Half plate in GB. There may be something to the German military use as the Lens Vade Mecum says some 12" Hypar's were used in WWI aircraft cameras.

What's it worth? Take some decent photos, list it on Ebay, and you'll know in 7 days.

2-Apr-2007, 02:39
You could always send it to me for evaluation.. I'll have it returned within a month with a value and an invoice for my services

...... :D