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Jean Nightingale
1-Apr-2007, 09:29
Hello All
I've been using my Paterson Orbital Print Processor to do single 5x4 negs. Been using ID11 at stock solution Normal 7.5 minutes with intermitent agitation 15secs every min. Ive not been aware of any developing streaks until I put 4 negs in to do a film speed test. (thinking this would be a good way of keeping everything consistant.) Being blank negs the streak marks become very obvious. So bad the test was useless.The runners on the underside of the lid cause streaks right down the negs. I was wondering whether anyone here uses one of these tanks and could give some advice on how they use them. Can you only develop one at a time? Or do you have to have it on a motorised base or give constant agitation?
Any other tips appreiciated.

1-Apr-2007, 10:05
get a hacksaw and cut the runners off. Sand the leftover edge until smooth. That's what I was told last time it happened with mine.

Jean Nightingale
1-Apr-2007, 11:05
Well Ash, thats an idea. Did it solve the problem? Do you use your tank often? Would be pleased to hear your experience with it.

1-Apr-2007, 11:14
I avoid doing more than one 4x5, and rarely do two paper 5x7 in the tank, but a search on the forum will give a few members who had success with that method.

Wayne Crider
1-Apr-2007, 19:31
I have one and have used it with four negs and never really had problems. Once I got some streaks on one neg from it moving over the pins and getting trapped, my fault. I found that for the amount of developer to cover the negs when not using continuous agitation I was better off with small deep tanks or for single sheets a small tray.