View Full Version : filter size for 162mm raptor

jj golden
1-Apr-2007, 06:52
just wondering if anyone knows the filter thread size for wollensak 162mm raptor, i seem to have every one but the right one

Robert A. Zeichner
1-Apr-2007, 07:53
Well this should certainly clear things up for you. I show three possible sizes: A 162mm Series II Raptar in a barrel takes a 47.5mm, the same lens in a Rapax shutter takes a 44.4mm and that same lens mounted in an Alphax shutter takes a 54.5mm. Aren't standards wonderful? There are so many to choose from.

I believe these to be sizes of slip-on type adapters. If you measure across the diameter of the front of the lens, you should be able to determine, even with a cheap plastic ruler or a tape measure with mm scales which one you have. Let me know. I might have the adapter you need.

1-Apr-2007, 08:18
43mm screw-in fits.

jj golden
1-Apr-2007, 08:41
thanks for the feedback guys