View Full Version : Crown Graphic Focusing Cams

Walt Calahan
9-Jun-2000, 15:45
Hi, looking for a focusing cam for a Schneider 90mm Angulon f.6.8 for my Crown G raphic. Any ideas where to look? Thanks, Walt Calahan

Bruce Gavin
9-Jun-2000, 16:37
The P-16 cam is for a 91.7mm focal length lens. Note this cam is for the top mounted rangefinder for the Pacemaker models of the Crown.

Super Graphic cams are different cams.

Stephen Shuart might have cams http://www.stephenshuart.com/

Midwest Photo Exchange does Graphic stuff also: http://www.mpex.com/

Bruce Gavin
10-Jun-2000, 13:11
For everybody following this thread, the most important contact for Graflex parts and service is:

Fred Lustig Reno, NV, USA (775) 746-0111

Many thanks to Walt Calahan, who sent Fred's number in a private email. It completely slipped my mind. Fred bought the spare parts supply, and is servicing Graflex gear.

Walt indicated the cam from Fred Lustig is $25 including shipping. More than a fair price, considering how hard they are to find otherwise.