View Full Version : Jammed Aperture control

31-Mar-2007, 21:35
I have a brand new Schneider lens in a Copal 0 shutter and the aperture control is stuck in the wide open position and will not move. I can send it back but wondered if there is anything I can do to get it to loosen up

Ted Harris
1-Apr-2007, 06:31
If it is new as opposed to "new to you" why mess with it and possibly void the warranty ... send it back.

1-Apr-2007, 07:20
TO clarify, it is brand new from a dealer. I will send it back. I just wondered if there was a quick fix. thanks mark

If it is new as opposed to "new to you" why mess with it and possibly void the warranty ... send it back.

David A. Goldfarb
1-Apr-2007, 07:37
If you remove it from the lensboard, is it still stuck? Sometimes it's just a mechanical issue having to do with the way the lens is mounted, or the shutter may be screwed on too tightly.

Jack Flesher
1-Apr-2007, 07:50
Hi Mark:

There is usually a small set screw on the rear surface of new shutters designed to prevent the shutter from spinning when mounted in a board with index notch. However most boards don't have notches and many folks don't remove the screw before mounting a new lens, so they end up with a lens that's cocked at angle to the board when mounted. In *SOME* situations, this offset can jam the aperture ring.

So, a long story short, check the rear mounting flange of your shutter. The screw I'm talking about is small, but protrudes close to the rear mounting threads, and is more easily felt than seen. If it's there, remove it and try again.

PS: I will be around this afternoon if you want to bring it by and I can look at it for you.


6-Apr-2007, 20:32
Hey thanks for the suggestions. It turns out that the lens board retaining ring was just too tight. I loosened it with a spammer wrench and it seems fine. I was out of town and will try it out this coming weekend. M