View Full Version : Opened box of film in fridge, OK ?

Ron Whitaker
8-Jun-2000, 13:44
Earlier this week I posted a question regarding placing boxes of sheet film in t he refridgerator. Thanks to all who responded! One individual stated that he d oesn't place an already opened box of sheet film in the refrigerator. Oh, oh! I did that. Is the film ruined?

So, let me see if I got this right. You should ONLY place unopened boxes of fil m in the refrigerator, right? After it's opened, it should stay out of the frid ge.

Thanks for your help and responses!

Ron Whitaker

Dave Brown
8-Jun-2000, 13:59
I regularly refrigerate opened boxes of film, although only those emulsions that I use infrequently. I store my regular emulsions at room temperature so that they're always ready for use.

The only issue as far as I know is condensation on the film when it's brought out of the fridge. I live in an arrid environment, and I've never had to take any special precautions. If you live in a humid area, try keeping the film in a ziplock bag or tupperware type container until it warms to room temperature.

8-Jun-2000, 17:56
No problem if its in an airtight container. Thats where those ammo boxes I mentioned come in. I do it all the time.

Jim Billlups
8-Jun-2000, 18:36
I refrigerate mine all the time. No problems.

James Chow
8-Jun-2000, 18:42
I put all film boxes (open or unopened) in the freezer (not in ziplock bags, but it's dry here, so I only need 1 hr of warmup time). Loaded holders that were unused after a photo trip go into ziplock bags and then into old quickload boxes into the fridge. I used to live in a humid environment, in which case I'd move film (not in ziplock bags) from the fridge into a special photo dry cabinet and let it sit overnight.

David R Munson
8-Jun-2000, 22:58
Ron, it shouldn't be a problem. I regularly keep an opened box or two of FP4+ in the frige in zip-loc bags. When I need more film I simply take the bags out and let them sit for a few hours at room temperature before removing the boxes of film. I've encountered nary a problem thus far, so I think you're alright as long as you've got the film in bags. If not, toss 'em in a zip-loc before you take them out and you should still be relatively safe.

Just a thought...