View Full Version : Greetings from Minnesota

30-Mar-2007, 11:16
Hi. I've been hanging around for a little while, reading and learning. I'm spanky-new to large format, having been working mostly in medium format for a couple of years. I started out in photography dang near 20 years ago, though I took a several-year hiatus until a few years ago. I guess I'm what you'd call a serious amateur.

My LF is a 4x5 Conley Model XV field camera with a Wollensak triple-convertible lens which I purchased specifically for a local history photographic project. Still dinking around getting a feel for it.



steve simmons
30-Mar-2007, 12:02
A very classy looking set up.

steve simmons

Ralph Barker
30-Mar-2007, 15:39
Welcome to large format, Alan.

Interesting wear pattern on your Conley.

Ron Marshall
30-Mar-2007, 15:59
Welcome to the forum Alan. Beautiful camera.

Jack Fisher
31-Mar-2007, 20:31
Nice old Conley. I seem to remember that Waters/Conley built cameras in Rochester a long time ago. ...maybe early in the last century. You may have a collectible museum piece there. I used to work in Rochester back in the sixties at the big blue plant.

Jack in New Mexico.