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30-Mar-2007, 06:18

I've been lurking around for a few weeks and started pi**ing people off already so it is about the time to introduce myself properly.

I've started with photography less than two years ago when I discovered the magic of my grandfather's Exa Ia. I've been suffering from serious GAS in the last two years; and ended up buying and using a few more Exaktas, Rollei SL66, MF rangefinders, and now I am hooked to 4x5 B&W via a recent Technika IV. Besides all that shopping, I also try to take pictures and improve my abilities to capture and print. I am usually good with technicalities; but pleasing aesthetics and provoking interestingness are far more important (and) distant goals for me to reach.

I am glad I can learn from you guys, I appreciate the time and efforts that you provide each other with.


30-Mar-2007, 06:35
Hey Petr,

Welcome from another multi-format Bostonian!


Ken Lee
30-Mar-2007, 06:48
...And another welcome, from another in the area.

30-Mar-2007, 06:52
...and another hello from a fellow Boston area member. There are many Boston-area LFers on this and other lists.

steve simmons
30-Mar-2007, 08:11
Welcome to this forum. If you have any questions just ask.

steve simmons
publisher, view camera magazine
20 years of service to the large format cmmunity

30-Mar-2007, 11:06
Thank you! :)

30-Mar-2007, 17:31
hi petr

welcome :)

i lived in/just outside of boston for about 15 years
now i am just about 1hr south, near "the renaissance city" .


John Kasaian
30-Mar-2007, 17:44
Do you ever get out to shoot any of those old fortified islands in Boston Harbor?

gene LaFord
30-Mar-2007, 18:18
Howdy from the western end of the state.


2-Apr-2007, 04:06
Do you ever get out to shoot any of those old fortified islands in Boston Harbor?

Never have. I'd love to shoot Graves Light, but that one is way out there in the outer Harbor. I've kayaked to Boston Light, and you can get there by tour boat, though I haven't photographed it.

The most photogenic island in my mind is Thatcher Island, up near Rockport on Cape Ann. That one has two huge stone lighthouses. I keep returning there to shoot it from shore, and I still after many trips haven't been entirely satisfied by a shot yet.

Ted Harris
2-Apr-2007, 05:52
Welome from Northern New England in Central New Hampshire on the Vermont border.

2-Apr-2007, 07:24
And another New Englander here, spending time in both Maine and Boston area.

I know that another one of the discussion groups has an active N.E. branch - I am less active here, but wondering if LFPF people in New England ever get together in person?

Ted Harris
2-Apr-2007, 11:39
The APUG group, which seems to be generally located in MA seems to make a get toether work every once in a while. We had a successful LF portrait meeting last year for one example. Additionally, there is a group nominally known as the Western New England Large Format Photographers (WNELF for short) with Bruce Barlow as the keeper of the mailing list. Bruce has tied to get the group to come to events with little success. Send him a PM here for more details.