View Full Version : Reciprocity Table TMAX 400 upto 1 hour

29-Mar-2007, 15:05
Kodak's f32 publication only goes to 100 seconds.

I have scoured the web and the longest values I can find are for 120 seconds.

I have a good table for TMAX 100 that goes up to an hour. I would like to find the same for TMAX 400.

I have seen this http://home.pacbell.net/mkirwan/reciprocity_failure.htm. But it rates TMY faster than TMX at 100 seconds which doesn't jive with the f32 publication which has TMAX 400 a half stop slower at 100s.

Any good resource for this would be much appreciated.

Michael Heald
29-Mar-2007, 21:43
Hello! The astrophototography websites can probably help you.
I tested TMax 400 in 4x5 format when I tried LF astrophotograhy. At 1000 seconds, it lost 2 1/3 stops. Best regards.