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Zach In Israel
29-Mar-2007, 13:38
So I am starting on large format (in addition to using a Rolleiflex and a 35mm) and would like to develop my own film. Assuming that you don't have a Jobo what do people use to control the water bath temperature? I was thinking for B&W getting a fish tank heater, as that should be able to keep a 3-5 gallon bath at 68 F no problem, But what about E-6, most fishtank heaters won't go past about 85.

29-Mar-2007, 13:43
For B&W you've got a fair bit of leeway.

If you get an analog fish tank heater they often have an adjustment screw. The reason is the listed temp doesn't match the actual output. Mine has no problem hitting the temps needed for RA-4 or C-41.

29-Mar-2007, 14:37
I have just the opposite problem. I need to keep the bath cool to a temp of 68 degrees F. My water to my house usually runs about 75 in the summer and about 65 in the winter.

Those cold southern California winters really bring the temp down.:D

I have tried ice cubes but not much luck.


Jim Ewins
29-Mar-2007, 17:21
Air condition your darkroom to 68 or so. a water bath then will stay fairly close to desired temp once you've cooled it with ice. The warm water will do a great job washing your film and prints.