View Full Version : Arista EDU vs EDU Ultra in 4x5?

Scott --
29-Mar-2007, 08:08
Hi, all -

Looking at an order at Freestyle, and was wondering what the differences between the vanilla Arista EDU and the EDU Ultra are. I've read that (a) the EDU is Fortepan while the Ultra is Foma, and (b) that the Ultra is less curly than the EDU. Having used a box of Fortepan 4x5, though, I never had any problem with curling, so I'm wondering if that's more a roll film problem.

I read somewhere that negatives with the EDU Ultra are pretty thin, which concerns me. Anyone use both and care to comment? I'm using HC-110 dil B or H, Unicolor roll drum developing.


Jeremy Moore
29-Mar-2007, 09:15
I've shot both and the .EDU (from Hungary) is rebranded Forte and the .EDU Ultra is Foma.

Jan Pedersen
29-Mar-2007, 10:09
Like Jeremy, i have shot both but only in 4x5
The problem with the Forte (Bergger and J&C Classic) being curly is only a roll film thing. Sheets are as flat as anything else.

30-Mar-2007, 07:18
Both films in 120 curl for me, both in 4x5 and 8x10 sheets are very flat. I've never had an Arista.EDU.Ultra negative come out thin if it was developed properly.

11-Apr-2007, 15:37
My experience is only with the Ultra 200 films (Fomapan T200):

VERY thin film base, and tends to scratch pretty easily. That said the tonality is beautiful. I use it as a replacement for FP4.

13-Apr-2007, 07:37
Hi Scott,
I use the Fomapan 100/Arista Ultra with HC110 dilution H for 7.5 minutes and all has worked well. I had a problem with pinholes in the negatives so I switched to an all water stop bath and this help alot. I also use a Unicolor drum and motor to develope my film. I don't have the divider so I can only work or 2 4x5's at a time.
Arthur, NYC

Scott --
16-Apr-2007, 13:12
Just for later reference, I've been having good luck with the Arista.EDU Ultra 200 in HC-110 dil H, 11:30-12:00 at 20C. I use a Unicolor setup (though with a Beseler 8x10 drum, which has a kind of built-in divider, allowing for 4 sheets of 4x5), 400mL solution, water prewash for about five minutes, and water stop bath (clean 400mL water, let it tumble in the tank for about 30 seconds, drain, repeat a few times). Been getting good density and tones when shot at 200:
http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j185/bliorg/th_crop270a.jpg (http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j185/bliorg/crop270a.jpg)