View Full Version : Printing from 6x17

29-Mar-2007, 06:11
I am looking ot possibly purchasing the 6x17 Shen-Hao Roll Back, are there any clever methods of printing from this format negative in the home darkroom, I am planning on buying a Durst 1200 enlarger. Or will I find that scanning will be a better alternative.

Also if it is not practical to print in the home darkroom, are professional labs usually equiped to print this panoramic format?

29-Mar-2007, 06:18
You should expect to need to print from a 5 X 7 or larger enlarger or to scan the image for printing.


David A. Goldfarb
29-Mar-2007, 08:17
If you don't have a big enough enlarger, yes, most pro labs have an 8x10" enlarger, which they probably use more often for enlarged contact sheets from rollfilm than for enlargements from big negatives, but it's not unusual.

I recently made some albumen contact prints from 6x17, and it's not such a bad format for that purpose. It produces something like a panoramic postcard.