View Full Version : Help Reshutter 9cm Perigon

Sven Schroder
29-Mar-2007, 04:12
Hi all

I've had enough of the Prontor II shutter in which sits the delightful Rodenstock Weitwinkel-Perigon, as it has no cable release socket argh! Just the arm like the one on those 120 folders. I've tried a number of solutions, to try and live with the shutter but its a pain. So rodenstock issued them in compur/copal 0 can I simply find a nice compur 0 and place the cells in that and correct the aperture scale ? On the aperture scale would a scale for say a 90 f8 Super angulon blanking out everything above
F11? I shoot at F22 some times F32 and don't see the need to have F12 marked.
I'd like to get more use out of it and so a new shutter with a cable release socket would stop the frustrations also preview lever would be nice.


Ole Tjugen
29-Mar-2007, 04:54
That should work - and be close enough to correct for all practical purposes. There might be a slight difference in the aperture, but far less than the tolerance in shutter speeds - even with brand new shutters!

Sven Schroder
29-Mar-2007, 05:31
Hi Ole

"Practical purposes" is what I had in mind, I will do the usual personal film speed for the lens with my regular emulsions and get on with making some Photographs. I may also try some Fuji NPS.

Thanks again