View Full Version : Unicolor Drum Dev.

28-Mar-2007, 21:48
Hello All,
As of now I have been using HC110 dilution B with Fomapan 100 for 7.5 minutes in my Unicolor drum with motor base and all is working well. I would like to use Rodinal or Calbe R09 and am wondering what would be the minimum amount of stock dev. that I need to process 4-4x5 sheets? I use 300ml at dilution B. I am interested in these developers at high dilution at about 1:100 so I figure 3ml of stock to 300ml of water should work. Is this enough stock to develope the negs correctly? Also I would appreciate any developing times that have worked. I will also be using 5x7 Arista EDU ultra 100.