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Stephen Willard
27-Mar-2007, 20:15
Lets give a warm welcome to the return of JOBO at B&H. A year ago JOBO was gone from B&H and now they have a robust stock of JOBO machinery for offering.

This is good news!

Oren Grad
27-Mar-2007, 20:31
CPP-2, Lift, and 3005/3006/3010 Expert drums all in stock... yikes!

Ted Harris
28-Mar-2007, 05:27
More importantly, or as importantly, JOBO should be back everywhere soon as they started producing machinery again about a month ago.

Dick Hilker
28-Mar-2007, 06:10
Perhaps those reporting the demise of film have been a tad premature. Considering new films being released by Kodak and Fuji, as well as the new makes of film cameras from China, it seems we'll have film to dunk for quite a while!

28-Mar-2007, 07:54
Yay, when my motor blows I may have options ;)

Steve Kefford
28-Mar-2007, 07:59
Yay, when my motor blows I may have options ;)

Jobo where continuing to provide service/spares anyway. I don't know if this move by Jobo is a permamnet one or not.


steve simmons
28-Mar-2007, 08:13
As I understand things they are back with a few items of one or two models. When these are gone they are gone. There are parts for seven years for repair.

There was an earlier thread a coule of months ago about this.

steve simmons