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Scott --
27-Mar-2007, 13:07
Hello, all -

I've actually been here a while, posting more'n I should, reading as much as I can. This is as formal an introduction as will follow.

I'm 38, a stay at home dad for the last 6-1/2 years. Two kids - a son in first grade, and a daughter in preschool. Said daughter is to be heading off for kindergarten in the fall; so will end my career as a primary caregiver. I'll be heading back to work, either as a chemist (likely) or a chemical engineer of some flavor (less likely - do not fit in to the culture...).

Been shooting seriously for about ten years now (egad - I'm getting old!). Started with a Canon Rebel and a tripod, and it's been all downhill since. Got my first MF camera, a Rolleiflex Automat III, about eight years ago. About two years ago, I got into classic camera repair. The boat anchor Rollei is now in prime shootin' form. Bought and sold a bunch of folders and rangefinders; accumulated a few more TLRs. Earlier this year, got the bug to buy a Century Graphic, but decided to scale up to some flavor of Pacemaker so that in the future I could shoot 4x5. Well, I bought a Super Speed Graphic, and if that camera ever sees roll film, it won't be on my watch. Totally infected with shooting sheet film, learning movements, and improving my "vision", whatever that may be.

I'll be lurking, posting, leeching off'n y'all for as long as you'll put up with me. Thanks.




MIke Sherck
27-Mar-2007, 13:19
Nice to meet you and welcome! Big negatives are a lot of fun. :)


27-Mar-2007, 13:26
Hi Scott.

Eric Biggerstaff
27-Mar-2007, 13:27
Hello and welcome.

Uri Kolet
27-Mar-2007, 21:08
Hi Scott, Welcome from the Canadian Rockies; this is a fun neighbourhood.Regards,Uri

John Kasaian
28-Mar-2007, 19:51
Welcome! Thats a cool looking Super Speeder!