View Full Version : How to clean lens barrel?

Chris Strobel
26-Mar-2007, 21:45
Hi, I have a Mint 360mm Nikkor-W that I took the passed sticker off of.Now there is a gummy sticky little mess where the sticker used to be.Can anyone recommend a product that would take the goo off but not the black anodized finish?Thanks


John Kasaian
26-Mar-2007, 22:04
If its not aluminium---jalapeno juice! :D

Struan Gray
26-Mar-2007, 23:18
White gas or naptha. Heptane if you have access to a reagent store. These are excellent at getting rid of stickly label residues, but unlike methanol or acetone they won't attack paints and plastics. Dampen a clean rag slightly and wipe off the gunk.

Jack Reisland
27-Mar-2007, 03:19
Goo Gone (fer real!, look at your hardware store), or good old WD-40.

Keith Pitman
27-Mar-2007, 07:13
Usually you can just rub it with your finger and it will rub off.

27-Mar-2007, 07:18
Try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It takes permanent marker and sticker goo off of my wooden holders w/o damaging the finish.


Brian C. Miller
27-Mar-2007, 08:28
Duct tape can remove some residual adhesives. The adhesives stick to the duct tape better than the original surface.

27-Mar-2007, 09:42
I'd avoid duct tape as the real stuff is strong enough to suspend someone on a wall.

Try rubbing it off with your fingers, or a putty rubber from an art shop. even a typical eraser.

Avoid anything abrasive or with alcohol-type bases. The sweat in your fingers is all you need.

Brian C. Miller
27-Mar-2007, 09:56
And that's exactly why it works so well! :) You just use a bit of it, enough to cover the gummy area. Then the tape sticks to the left-over adhesive, and takes it off.

Chris Strobel
27-Mar-2007, 10:07
Oh geeez, too many options here :}Thanks guys.How about that PEC film cleaner that comes in the little spray bottle?

Tony Karnezis
27-Mar-2007, 18:36
Courtesy of My Big Fat Greek Wedding--Windex. I use it to remove glue left from store labels on glasses, plates, etc. It shouldn't do anything to the finish of the lens barrel, but maybe someone else knows for sure. Just moisten a paper towel really well with Windex and apply it to the gummy stuff. After a few minutes, the glue should glide right off.

John Schneider
28-Mar-2007, 08:43
Just my $0.02; I think all the previous replies have covered everything.

If the residue is on an anodized surface with no paint (lens info, s/n markings, etc.) around, I reach right for the acetone. Otherwise I try to remove the residue with masking tape, and if that doesn't work completely I apply kerosene and let it sit while the residue softens. I once picked up a 90 f8 Fujinon for $200 beause of some ugly paint and residue on the barrel, which cleaned up in a few minutes with acetone.