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dan nguyen
24-Aug-2000, 21:22
Hello all, I need to write a short copy concerning Ansel Adam's favorite cameras or at lea st the camera he used most often. Since time is running out to go to the library or searching old posted messages, all I need is the brand of his camera(s). Any knowledgeable people out there can help me please?. Thanks a lot in advance.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
25-Aug-2000, 00:16
Hasselblad, Contax, Ansco, Kodak Commercial B, Horseman, the famous Zeis Juwel, at least one Deardorff.....

Get a copy of "Examples, the Making of 40 Photographs"

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
25-Aug-2000, 00:27
p.s. Do I get credit in a citation? It's gonna look kinda wierd to say "...some guy on the net wrote...."

for the record, pg. 15 ISBN 082121750x

"In the early 30's my excursions were more cautious, and I used my camera with serious intent. My cameras of that period were 4 X 5 Korona View, 5 X 7 and 3.25 X 4.25 Zeis Juwels, 5 X 7 Linhof, 5 X 7 Deardorff, 4 X 5 speed Graphic, 2.25 X 2.25 Zeiss Super-Ikonta B and a 35mm COntax - not all possessed at one time!"

I also now recall seeing a self-portrait of him with a Century Universal

Kevin J. Kolosky
25-Aug-2000, 00:36
yes, Adams started using century universal a bit more after he became close to Edward Weston as Edward Weston used century universal in 8 x 10 and graflex super d in 5 x 7. Plus of course the other cameras as mentioned.

neil poulsen
25-Aug-2000, 01:43
While I've never met AA, I've read a lot about him. I'll hazard the following, and others can make corrections.

35mm: Zeiss-Contax.

Medium: Clearly a Hasselblad. I believe his outfit was on permanent loan to him. (I think from Hasselblad, but I'm not sure.) I know it was auctioned off within the last few years for a worthy cause.

4x5: Sinar P. For example, he used this camera for his Aspen tree photo.

8x10: A Deardorff with a modified front.

Polaroid: An SX-70! His SX-70 received pretty good press in his Polaroid book.

I know when asked one time what camera he used, he responded that he used the heaviest camera he could carry!

A good source for your information would probably be Rod Dresser. If not today, at one time he was the business manager for the AA trust. Check Carmel, CA. for his phone/address. Or, you can reach him through the Weston Gallery in Carmel.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
25-Aug-2000, 09:20
I never met A.A. either. And I'm not a member of A.A.

or A.A.A.

I don't even have an M.A. I once saw an A.A. gun though.

Anyway, the two most famous A.A. Aspens were shot with an 8 X 10. I think you wouldn't be too far off the mark to say that Adams owned/used/borrowed one of almost any camera you can think of at one time or another. Anyone have any shots of him with an Argus C-3?

dan nguyen
25-Aug-2000, 14:08

Thanks you all for the infos on A.A. camera's. I will let you know when and where the copy will be published if approved by the editor. You all are great help. Thanks again.

Trevor Crone
25-Aug-2000, 15:10
Also Kodak Medalist. At the time he felt this camera had many superior qualities that might be considered by contempory manufacturers. Regards,

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
25-Aug-2000, 23:26
Edward Weston used century universal in 8 x 10 and graflex super d in 5 x 7. -- kevin kolosky (kjkolosky@kjkolosky.com), August 24, 2000.

You sure about that Kev? I know Weston had a 2.25 X 3.25 and a 4 X 5 Graflex, but I've seen no citations on a 5 X 7. Did Graflex even make a 5 X 7 Super D? I know Strand used a 5 X 7 Graflex. What's your source?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
25-Aug-2000, 23:35
My mistake, that was a 3.25 X 4.25 Graflex for E'dard

27-Aug-2000, 03:58
In 35mm, Contax I and Contaflex (or was it a Contarex?)

Check out his book on the making of 40 images.

The man's 35mm work is pretty astounding too. His portrait of Stieglitz shot with a Contax and Super XX film is the best Stieglitz portrait I have come across.

27-Aug-2000, 03:59
Oh, there was an Arca Swiss 4x5 somewhere in there.