View Full Version : For Toyo F45: New 40mm recessed lensboard

Roman Mensing
25-Mar-2007, 09:35
This could be a piece of good news for all those who would like to use the Toyo F45 with extreme wideangle lenses:
A 40mm recessed lensboard, CAD constructed and CNC cut from solid aluminium that lets me use all the camera movements with a 35mm Schneider Digitar mounted. Lens controls remain at reasonable accessability, those with fingers much bigger than mine may want to use the help of a pen for aperture setting. Permanently attached release and synch extensions make the gearing up of the lens with my Leaf Aptus75 as fast as can be.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about cost and availabilty of this helpful piece of precision.



25-Mar-2007, 09:37
Spamming much? three posts in various areas all with the same detail.

Good luck with the construction but maybe a more detailed single post in the classifieds would be better, along with images and your pricing.

Ralph Barker
25-Mar-2007, 09:50
A single post to the "New Products" section is OK, but posts to all related sub-forums isn't. If you are the dealer, Roman, the FS/WTB section would also be off limits, not withstanding my error when deleting the other posts. Please read the guidelines.