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Anthony Lewis
24-Mar-2007, 19:22
Several years ago I had the haze problem with my 80mm XL that was duely replaced by Schneider. I and others, mentioned this on these forums. I noticed that someone reported a similar haze in their 110mm SS XL.

I decided to check my 110mm XL that I purchased it in Jan 2006. Sure enough it now has a thin ring of haze extending about 2/3 of the way around the inner front element, fairly close to the edge.

I own seven other large format lenses of Schneider and Fuji brands. All are crystal clear. For decades I have owned Canon still lens and numerous cine lenses - all are crystal clear. I have checked them all. I have a 210mm SS XL and that is fine. I store my lenses in a dehumidifing cabinet.

The haze I see is certainly not as severe as that I saw with the 80mm, but it is there. I purchases my 80mm in Australia and the 110mm from England. Before I approach the retailer, I want to find out if anyone else has a similar problem with their 110mm SS XL? I am at least the second person to report this.

Eric James
24-Mar-2007, 19:33
...Sure enough it now has a thin ring of haze extending about 2/3 of the way around the inner front element, fairly close to the edge.

How is it stored? How warm is it in your area? What's the serial number? But mostly, please say it isn't so!

Michael Gudzinowicz
25-Mar-2007, 01:50
It may not be a lens problem per se. Since storage under conditions of low humidity didn't remove the condensation, the lens would appear to be fairly well sealed. However, gas exchange with the atmosphere would occur if you took the lens from a cool environment and heated it - direct sunlight on a hot day. The gases between the elements would vent, and perhaps the condensation would disappear for a while. If you allowed the lens to cool in a atmosphere of high humidity, the humid air would be drawn in. If cooling continued, condensation would first appear on the outer (coolest) element. If you want to avoid that possibility, the lens should be put in an air-tight bag with a desiccant whenever exposed to a warm humid environment, and allowed to cool in the sealed dry atmosphere.

Paul O
25-Mar-2007, 03:15
Hi. I've used a 110XL since they first became available in the UK - the stock sticker on the box reads Oct 1999. In fact it came shipped in the older style blue box too. Just checked mine and its fine - front and rear. I store mine in "normal" circumstances - in a wrap in a aluminium case in a cupboard. Maybe this issue - if it is an issue - is with later lenses?

25-Mar-2007, 04:53
I've had my 110XL since 2002, stored in a lens wrap with silica bags and all that in a Ziploc bag. I have all the lenses in drawers of a wooden cabinet. Geographic location - Southern California.

Ling Z
25-Mar-2007, 11:02
Per my discussion with Schneider Customer Service, it might not be a good idea to store a lens in a Ziploc bag or any air-proof box for a long time. In general:

1. Keep lenses in a cool and dry place(68F, RH: 30 ~ 50%)
2. Give lenses some air, yes, fresh air
3. Lenses need some light, never store lenses in dark place

Anthony Lewis
25-Mar-2007, 16:47
OK everyone, the panic is off, my 110mm lens is clear today. We can all breath a sigh of relief and put away the valium. I should have waited 24 hours before I paniced and posted the problem. It's just after my experience with the 80mm that I get jumpy about these lenses.

In Sydney here all last week it was very hot and very humid. My lenses were in Gnass bags and in a rucksack all week. Yesterday morning we had a cool change and that's when I decided to check my lenses. I reakon the mist I saw was a result of the weather change, but no other lenses were affected. I put the 110mm in the dehumidifing cabinet last night, and low and behold, it is clear this morning. Today is a very mild sunny day, so I left it with the lens cap off in the sun for an hour. It is still clear. Maybe the 110mm is just a little more sensitive to weather changes than other lenses.

Sorry to cause a panic, but I think I am a bit sensitive about problems with these lenses because I had an 18 month argument with the local Schneider agent over my 80mm. I now buy my lenses from England or the States. I am still a little intrigued about the other member who returned his 110mm to Badger. I emailed him and hopefully he fills me in on the outcome.

Eric James
25-Mar-2007, 17:08
please say it isn't so!

Thank you!