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Raymond Bleesz
23-Aug-2000, 12:04
What are possible solutions to my question re: filter holders for various sized large format lenses. Presently, I have the following large format lenses-65mm n ikkor, 90mm nikkor, 115mm Grandagon, and old 152mm Ektar & a 210mm Schneider---- a universal gelatin filter holder works for two of the lenes (the 65 & 152, a spring like contraption which fits over the lens barrel)(front). This holder doe s not expand wide enough to go over the other lenses. I am aware some have sugg ested putting this holder on the rear element inside the bellows--in my case thi s does not work--others have suggested taping the filter itself to either the fr ont or rear lens element. This doesn't work out either at times.

so what's out there for a filter holder which will accomodate the various sized lens barrels, etc.? how are others dealing with this issue?

thank you.

Raymond A. Bleesz

Julio Fernandez
23-Aug-2000, 12:21
Look at Lee filters. They are available with up to 100mm adapter rings. The filters are 100mm X 100mm or 100mm to 150mm for the graduated filters. Once you have the filters all you need are the adapter rings for the different lens sizes. One filter fits all lenses in all cameras.

23-Aug-2000, 12:47
I second the Lee recommendation, not only because of the many different adaptor-ring sizes available, but because their bellows lens shade is very good (I have the one-filter-slot version; I think it's also available with two) and because lens-mounted filters/and shades are infinitely easier than camera-mounted versions. It costs a couple of hundred bucks for even the most basic Lee shade/filter/adaptor ring setup, but it'll last a long time and save many headaches--and thus is a good investment (and Lee filters are cheaper than large glass filters). Check B&H t

23-Aug-2000, 17:16
The Lee filter system is excellent!

Larry Huppert
24-Aug-2000, 09:14
The Lee system works well in many situations. Wide angle use over center filters isn't effectively solved (e.g. 47XL, 58XL, 72XL, 75, 90XL). I think their standard lens hood is just OK for non-wide angle. Unlike some of the dedicated lens hoods/filter holders for certain camera brands (e.g. Linhof, Sinar), the Lee hoods are much less effective when movements are needed. Their wide-angle hood works with the 72XL and 90 as long as movements aren't used much. It is pretty ineffective on anything wider. Again, the W-A hood doesn't work in-front of the CF's listed above. For me, the W-A hood is much more limited/unuseable if filters are being used because I need the filter slot to rotate independent from the hood.