View Full Version : "Steinheil München f=725mm Quarz" Lens ... any info?

Dr Klaus Schmitt
23-Mar-2007, 01:12

I found a lens (actually several of them with slightly different focal length) which is marked "Steinheil München f=725mm Quarz" and it indeed seems to to made of Quartz (Quarz is same in German).

It looks quite similar to this one I found years ago:

Any idea what this could have been used for? I read in a book about Steinheil that they made Quartz lenses from natural Quartz found in the Alpes and later Brazil.

Struan Gray
23-Mar-2007, 04:56
I have seen older quartz lenses made to focus light from infinity onto the entrance slit of a spectroscope. Old visible light models usually have an air-spaced achromat (they have similar design principles to telescope objecives) but the quartz ones I saw were singlets.

Arne Croell
23-Mar-2007, 08:56
One of Steinheil's core businesses was the production of spectrographs, for many,many years. I would speculate these lenses came from some of those instruments because of their transmission in the UV. More information can be found in this book:
I have it, but its back in Germany and I am in the US for 4 more weeks, so I can't check on it now.

Dr Klaus Schmitt
23-Mar-2007, 11:10
I have that book also Arne, but unfortunately these lenses are not mentioned.

Struan, I would have assumed that also, but these seem to consist of two individual lenses.

Thanks, Klaus

Per Madsen
23-Mar-2007, 13:17
Impresive "Jugend Still" letters on the lens.

Do anybody have a Steinheil numbers list with production dates ?