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David R Munson
6-Jun-2000, 20:54
For the last six months or so I've been trying to find a balance between size, e conomy, and versatility in a view camera larger than 4x5. For a while I was goi ng to refurbish an old 8x10 field. I've had a lot of other ideas since then, bu t one I've come to time and again is the idea of getting a 5x7 format conversion kit for my Linhof Bi-Kardan. Do any of you use this setup? What I'm wondering is a) if it'd be much harder to use in the field than my current 4x5 setup (whi ch isn't hard to use at all), b) how well it would work with lenses in the 90-12 0mm range, and c) if I'm just kidding myself and should go with my origional ide a of getting an old 8x10. Any comments? Thanks in advance.

P.S. (are you listening, Bob?) I've recently seen a "5x7 Linhof Pre-Technika" li sted in the ad of a used equipment dealer. Any info on this camera? Could it b e the answer to my conondrum?

Bob Salomon
6-Jun-2000, 21:50
There is no such thing as a "pre technika"

Did he mean a technika Medzin which is a camera discontinued during WW II?

If so it probably doesn't take 5x7" but shoots a metric size instead.

David R Munson
6-Jun-2000, 22:44
Honestly, Bob, I couldn't tell you. If you'll look in the ad for Photo-Graphic Systems in the new View Camera magazine you'll see it listed in the first column under "Large Format." It's actually listed "5x7 Linhof pretechnical" in the ad and has the following description on the web page "Linhof Standard Pre-Technika, no rear movements, leather bellows, 21" bellows extension, 6 3/4 lbs. revolving back, w/ non-original 5 x 7" wood back." That's all I know.

To get back to my first question, how well do you think the 5x7 Bi- Kardan would handle a wide lens? I've got a conversion kit located and am seriously considering it, so I'd appreciate your input, considering that you're the man in-the-know when it comes to anything Linhof.

David R Munson
6-Jun-2000, 22:45
Sorry, forgot to put my name on the previous message...

Kevin Oke
6-Jun-2000, 23:40
Hi Dave,

I'm one of those guys that has used a Bi-Karden 4x5 in the field quite a bit. It actually folds up very small if you take it apart and I've always made do. I also have a Technika but have never used it (long story). After I got married I mentioned to my wife that she should carry some of the equipment for the good of photography - might work better for you. Bottom line, the Bi-Kardan works and is a wonderful camera to use.

janez pelko
7-Jun-2000, 02:44
Dear Dave,

I own a beautiful 5x7 Bi-Kardan and I use it quite a lot, mostly in the field. You'll get used to carry a big box with camera and accessories easily. I never regreted to get such a big camera for field work. This was my first large format camera and after only few shots I completely got used to it. I have also 121mm Super Angulon which I use without problems, but you'll need wide angle bellows. I belive 90mm should also work. I cannot compare my setup with 8x10 since I never used it. Enjoy!