View Full Version : Just received my new ps945

George Kara
21-Mar-2007, 16:43
S/N 64. I ordered it about six months ago. In 2002 Cooke started manufacturing these lenses. Thats an avg of a little under 13 units per year. Im not sure what the dealer mark up is but if Cooke receives $2,800 per unit this comes to a grand total of approx $ 36,400 per year. This certainly must be a labor of love for the company.

Someone in the company must really appreciate LF. Long live the cottage industry in the UK! Maybe not everything in the world is only about the bottom line.

tim atherton
21-Mar-2007, 16:57
well, I'm not sure how much of a "cottage industry" they are?

I'd love to have a cottage industry where I could make lenses that sell for $60,000 a piece and I can sell more than I can make... some cottage!

Ted Harris
21-Mar-2007, 17:51
An expansion on Tim's post. Yes, there are a couple of people in the company that love LF. Cooke, however, is far from a cottage industry, although theya rae a small company. They are one of the two major players in the cinema lens business (Tim's 60K per lens reference) where some lenses go for more than $100K.

George Kara
21-Mar-2007, 18:06
Here is a link to their price list. Not quite what you guys are saying but expensive just the same.


Makes the ps945 seem to be quite the bargain huh?

I know that older cine lens of Cooke are not as well regarded and considered somewhat soft compared to modern lenses. Cinema lenses also appear to take a huge hit on depreciation.

I have heard that most of the lenses are close to one off's as the industry is relatively small.

tim atherton
21-Mar-2007, 18:12
$59,950 - I was close... :)

and a couple or so over $39,000

Ted Harris
21-Mar-2007, 18:29
George ... more than almost one off. They also do custom lenses. Some of the more renowned directors and cinematographers often custom order a lens or lens set for a single film. At the end of the shooting the lenses are sold off to go to rental.

Baxter Bradford
21-Mar-2007, 23:52

I borrowed a PS945 last year and used it for a week in Tuscany. It was wonderful, a real revelation and gave me creative options I'd not normally explore. I hope that you will really enjoy owning and using the lens.

At some point, I will make the effort to afford one (fortunately Robert White, my local toyshop is closed and although doubtful, I might have forgotten about it in 2 1/2 hours!).

Yes, it is a big beast - but a lens which really can make a difference.