View Full Version : Dial Set Compur Shutter Operation

Bob Tescione
21-Mar-2007, 16:12
I have recently purchased an old Kodak #31 Anistigmat 5 1/2" lens in a Dial Set Compur shutter. As this shutter appears not to have a preview mechanism, I assume that I must use the shutter on T or B to preview my scene.

The problem lies in that the cocking lever for the shutter will not operate when I place the T,B,I dial into either the T or B position. Am I doing something wrong with this old shutter or does it just need servicing. I'd rather not force anything.

Thanks for any help on this.
Bob Tescione

Ernest Purdum
21-Mar-2007, 16:14
Try just working the release lever when set on Bulb or Time.

Glenn Thoreson
21-Mar-2007, 16:35
DO NOT try to cock this shutter when set on T or B. Or Z or M or however yours is marked. It will damage it. The shutter will open without cocking on these settings. Also, never change to highest speeds with the shutter cocked. I wish they still made these shutters. They were ultra reliable, more consistantly accurate and easier to service than just about anything since.

Bob Tescione
21-Mar-2007, 16:42
Thanks for the quick reply, Ernest. It works as you suggest, but not every time, so I guess some servicing would be in order.


2-Jan-2011, 02:28
I know it's a very old thread,

But i think i did the 2 big no-no's
I moved the shutter dial while cocked and coked the shutter while in T or B

It fires in what appears to be a a single speed, how do i fix it???