View Full Version : Opinions of the Horseman LE?

Max Rahder
16-Jun-1998, 14:49
Does anyone have any opinions about the Horseman LE? (Described at http://www.bh photovideo.com/photo/large/horseman/le45.html) It seems to have unusually nice f eatures for an "entry level" camera. For example, it has geared movements, fresn el lens, folds flat, etc. My "local" (120 miles away) camera store is selling th em for $800. If people aren't familiar with the LE model specifically, what's th e reputation of Horseman cameras in general?

Dave King
17-Aug-1998, 03:38
Hi Max,

I am answering your post to The Large Format Forum concerning the Horseman LE.

The Horseman LE is a superb camera, and an absolute steal at the price (esp. $80 0!!).

It has the best front to rear standard of any camera I have tested (using a Zig- Align), including a Sinar P.

It takes standard Sinar boards, bellows, and back accessories.

It is rugged, but light for what it is, with no superfluous features - in operat ion it's brillant.

It will focus 47 to 300 on flat boards and standard rail.

It has an international back for roll film holders, and the standard ground glas s is marked for 6x7, 6x9, & 6x12.

In short, from the choices I am familiar with, it is by far the best value on th e market today.