View Full Version : Expired Kodak 6-Step E-6 Kit - Still Good?

Andre Noble
20-Mar-2007, 11:43
I have a 5 Liter Kodak 6-Step E-6 Kit never got around to completely using it, with Exp. date of Nov 2006. Used 1 liter of it, and 4 Liters remain.

This remaining kit should still give reasonable results if I used it soon, correct?

Brian C. Miller
20-Mar-2007, 13:14
Maybe, maybe not. The bottles have been opened, and the chemicals have started to oxidize. Typically chemicals don't last long with exposure to too much oxygen. If you stored the bottles in a fridge with no air space in the bottle, then I'm sure they'd be OK. Otherwise, the chemicals are likely no good.