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Kermit Burroughs
19-Mar-2007, 19:09
Ok, so after all the helpful pointers on my ballhead query...I come to lenses. I'm in need of a 90ish. Rather than making myself unwelcome by asking about every lens I find, is there a resource somewhere that could break down the history of the lenses? For example, silver aperture ring means 19xx-19xx and sharp edges. I want to stay modern enough that it probably isn't any issue, but I'd sure like to be able to id ones that are known to suck.
I'm afraid 1600 or whatever isn't in the cards for me for a new SA, but I do see used Angulons with decent prices.

So, how do I get a basic history lesson?


19-Mar-2007, 19:16
The articles section of this forum has a lot of good basic information on lenses, both recent and older. That is a good place to start. Also, View Camera magazine has a CD with back articles on lenses that is a gold mine. Between the two, you should be off to a good start.
Dave B.

Kermit Burroughs
19-Mar-2007, 19:19
Wow, how did I miss that snake under my feet? Thanks Dave!