View Full Version : Deleting an ad

Steve Penland
19-Mar-2007, 14:38
Is it possible to delete an ad on the "For Sale/Wanted forum, or do they just have to die of old age after 30 days? [I'm fairly new to this group, and I've been searching for the last 40 minutes for an answer to my own question, but no luck. Thanks.]

19-Mar-2007, 14:42
I think after a while the ad gets forgotten about. Possibly mark it as "no longer available" but I don't think there's a way of removing the post short of asking a mod :)

Edwin Lachica
19-Mar-2007, 15:14
From the for sale header:

For Sale/Wanted An "at your own risk" area for posting for sale & wanted to buy ads for large format items. No references to active external ads or auctions, please. Please prefix posts to indicate intent: "WTB", "FS" , "FT" (for trade), etc. Posts scroll off after 30 days. No dealers, please.



Ralph Barker
19-Mar-2007, 15:33
If the item was sold, Steve, it is helpful for the seller to post a "Sold" follow-up. "No longer available" would work, too, if the seller no longer wants to be bothered. Otherwise, we normally just let time do the clean-up work.