View Full Version : Waterproof lens storage

Ed Richards
18-Mar-2007, 18:53
Pros and cons for keeping lenses in waterproof containers, be they Tupperware or zip lock bags? Should you put desiccant in the bag or box in case the lens has any moisture on it?

Ron Marshall
18-Mar-2007, 19:35
Definately put in the dessicant, but make sure that the dessicant is fresh.

19-Mar-2007, 06:39
Desiccant? Yes, a good idea. Not so much because of the moisture on the lens, rather because of the possible air humidity. Pay attention the the way the desiccant is packed - you don't want to have any paper dust in the container from cheap packaging.

19-Mar-2007, 06:53
I keep my lenses in individual lens wraps and put in individually marked Ziploc bags. Inside the wraps are also 3-4 small bags of silica dessicant. Recently, I took out the dessicant bags and put them in a glass bottle and laid it on it's side in the microwave for 1 minute. I was very surprised at the amount of moisture that was cooked out of the dessicant bags and trapped to the inside top of the glass jar.

19-Mar-2007, 09:45
I keep lenses in sealed containers with desiccant to minimize moisture, thus resulting fungus problem. I can't think of any downside to store lenses that way (please tell me if any). All my lenses are for use (not a collection), so the air doesn't get "stuffy." I keep small cameras the same way but now realize it might be too dry for cloth shutter screen...Need to rethink about that.

I've looked at vacuum desiccator boxes (like those in labs) for the container, but they are expensive. So I went for a cheap kitchen solution (Lock&Lock). The desiccant is in metal case and can be revived by heating--something like this: http://tinyurl.com/39rxa7.