View Full Version : Printing only one post?

Greg Dejanovic
17-Mar-2007, 23:06
I was wondering if it is possible to print only one post in a thread? And if it isn't could you upgrade? Some times there is a good suggestion or a tip that I like I would like to be able to print only that post.

Thanks in advance Greg

Louie Powell
18-Mar-2007, 05:23
Greg -

There's a simple workaround - copy and paste the post into a some kind of text processing application (word processor, etc), and then print that new document.

Ralph Barker
18-Mar-2007, 07:44
Printing is really a function of your browser, or other external software if you choose to cut and paste, not the forum software itself.

In Firefox, for example, if you "select" the text of a post, and then "print" from the "File" menu, the pop-up screen allows you to print the entire page or just the text selected.

Greg Dejanovic
18-Mar-2007, 09:04
Thanks Guy's That explains it well.

Greg :)

Actually if you click on the Number of the post in right hand corner I can print only this post. Thanks.