View Full Version : Cambo reflex finder on a Wista?

Brian Wallen
17-Mar-2007, 22:02
I've been using a Super Graphic and a Cambo 45N with a Calumet reflex finder. The finder doesn't mate up to the GG holder on the Graphic, but it is simple enough to swap in the GG holder from the Cambo which easily locks on the Graphic G back. I just bought a Wista VX and hoped to use the reflex finder on it, but I've found that International backs speak in dialects. The spring bars of the Cambo GG frame are spaced too far apart to lock on to the pins on the VX back. The viewer itself will fit into the VX's GG frame, but there is no way to lock it on.

Wista makes a reflex viewer but it's expensive and I'd rather have a singler viewer that I can use with all of my cameras. In looking at the picture of the Wista viewer and my camera's back, it isn't clear to me how the viewer attachs. Can anyone help me out? Any clever ideas for adapting the Cambo viewer?

Brian Wallen
15-Feb-2009, 17:29
Just to leave some tracks, let me answer my own questions.

The Cambo mono viewer is a nice, light, compact unit; of course it doesn't fold, but apart from being an odd shape, I can usually find room for it. Sometimes I just set up my Gowland Pocket View, that has a Cambo rotating back, with the viewer in place and drop the whole assembly in a largish insulated food over the shoulder bag. This entire outfit is under 5 lbs. I also installed a Cambo focusing frame on my Super Graphic and can use the Cambo viewer there.

I also got the Wista folding monocular finder for my Wista VX. Those Wista designers are clever devils. The have managed to make a folding finder that closed, only adds about a half inch of thickness to the camera back. It attaches like all of the Wista technical back accessories on a hinge on the left side and a catch on the right side, so it swings out of the way for loupe focusing. The lens for the reflex finder slips in and out of some ears on the top of the finder. It was definitely worth the cost for this Wista accessory. With a back plate adapter, this finder can be used on the Wista monorail. There is a version for the Wista DX and even one for "Linhof" which I assume means the Technika.

For more information, see my evolving survey of reflex finder equipment at: