View Full Version : n minus developement with pyrocat hd

mike fitzgibbon
17-Mar-2007, 20:13
I shot some very high contrast senes today and would like to know if anyone has
advice on minus development using pyrocat hd developer. Im using tmx400 at
asa320. Thanks for any help.
Mike F

Jan Pedersen
18-Mar-2007, 09:19
The inventor of the Pyrocat HD Sandy King i believe suggested 20% + or - per f stop. I use the TMY - Pyrocat combo and the 20% rule has worked fine for me. There may be more scientific calculations but 20% is close enough. Hope that will work.

Colin Graham
18-Mar-2007, 10:31
Also I think the latest trend is for minimal agitation- try a forum search on semi-stand

John Berry
18-Mar-2007, 10:59
How much over exposure did you give it?