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bill kuhns
17-Mar-2007, 15:38
I'm pretty new to large format work...and I am looking for a 90mm lens with enought coverage to allow lots of movement for architecture work. I am looking at a Sinar 90mm f6.8 Sinaron W lens (102degrees marked on it). Is it a good lens and is $350 a good price? Any information you could provide me would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill

17-Mar-2007, 15:57
Architecture work is probably the most demanding of LF work. The Sinar 90mm f6.8 Sinaron W lens will be a fine lens for almost all wide angle shots. The 90mm is a very popular lens for this kind of work. This lens will be almost identical to the newer 90 Rodenstock Grandagons. I think they come from the same assembly line but Sinar gets to hand pick and inspect the lenses they tag with the "Sinar" name. These Sinar lenses are usually found mounted onto a Sinar board with fancy flanges etc: cool if you are using Sinar cameras but the lens can easily be mounted on other boards if needed. This lens is quite compact for the range of movements it has. Some hardcore architecture shooters with deep pockets will opt for the much brighter but heavier and more expensive f/4.5 version of the 90mm lens for its improved focusing capability in dim interiors.

To answer your question I would say $350 sounds like a great price if the lens is in nice working condition.


bill kuhns
17-Mar-2007, 16:16
Thanks very much for the prompt reply and the information. Cheers, Bill

Jan Pedersen
17-Mar-2007, 16:44
I'm with Max on the price, 350$ is a very good price if the lens is in good condition and off course also mounted in a shutter. Should be a Copal 0
I have the Grandagon version and it is very sharp.

David Karp
17-Mar-2007, 16:47
The f/4.5 lens also has a larger image circle.

Make sure that it has a Copal shutter on it rather than the Sinar DB shutter system. If you don't have a DB shutter for your camera, it will cost you some money to add a Copal shutter. See www.skgrimes.com for information on new shutters.

If it is in good shape, no marks on the glass and the shutter works well it sounds like a nice price.

17-Mar-2007, 17:55
Look into the DB shutter that David mentions or you will have to hunt down a Copal 0 shutter.

I have the Rodenstock Grandagon version of this lens. It does double duty on my Sinar F1 and Gaoersi 6x17. Nice sharp lens for being a wide angle...


David Karp
17-Mar-2007, 20:15
I actually picked up my 90 and 75 f/4.5 Grandagon-N lenses in DB mounts for a price low enough to buy two new shutters to mount them in and still save money over the going price for those lenses used. Sometimes excellent lenses in DB shutters go for pretty low prices because the market is pretty limited.

bill kuhns
17-Mar-2007, 20:21
Thanks everyone. The lens is indeed in a copal shutter and seems to be in excellent shape...I think i'll buy it. I appreciate all the advice...cheers, Bill