View Full Version : Rebranded films

Walter Foscari
16-Mar-2007, 12:55
So is there any actual difference between the brand name vs. the rebranded version of a film? Iím thinking specifically of those sold at Freestyle: Foma vs. Arista ultra and Forte (whatever is left of it) vs. Arista.Edu. For those that have use both versions did you notice any real difference beside the packaging?

David A. Goldfarb
16-Mar-2007, 13:42
With the Fortepan 400, I noticed that there may be speed differences, and this could be true of the other films, likely due to storage or age issues, not rebranding per se. The thing to do is order your new batch of film before you run out of the old batch and run a quick test--one holder, one scene, old emulsion on one side, new emulsion on the other side, develop together, contact print the negs, and compare. This should give you enough information to see if you have to adjust your EI or development time for the new batch, or if you need to do more testing.

Scott Davis
16-Mar-2007, 13:43
I have used the Arista.EDU Ultra (aka Fomapan 200) and while I have not shot the actual Fomapan 200, I have been assured by the folks at Freestyle that it is in fact Fomapan 200. From my experience of shooting the Arista product, I have no reason to doubt that it is a high-tier product. I have had no problems with it that I can attribute to the film itself.