View Full Version : Polaroid instant 40 ISO chrome film - test shots?

Bill Glickman
22-Aug-2000, 02:59
I have been waiting for an instant chrome film for a long time. I wanted someth ing that would show me what the final chrome would look like in terms of exposur e and sometimes, but less often, focus. Now I see Polaroid has and instant 35mm chrome film. Does anyone have any experience using this? Does it provide a re asonable facsimile of what Velvia or Provia would look like?

It sure would be nice to see what a shot would look like before wasting a bunch of 8x10 film! Does anyone have any experience with this film, its cost, the processor required (how big and how much $), it would be most appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

dave schlick
22-Aug-2000, 11:39
regular colour polaroid will give you adequate focus and exposure checks for chromes.. a good meter will be better also.. you can set the meter for ploraid 100 shoot and see if its ok, then set meter on chrome speed, adjust slightly darker for the chromes, and you should be within a 1/4 stop. good luck. ffffg

Ellis Vener
22-Aug-2000, 12:55
i have been using the film you are asking about for at least ten years. The contrast and color saturation is comparable to Velvia. It is a very soft film and easily damaged. i haven't tried it with long exposures so what the reciprocity characteristics are I can't say. It comes in two lengths: 12 or 36 exposures and you have to shoot or at least process the entire roll. It isn't cheap about $18.00 per roll (average) and you need the processor 9which are easily found in used camera stores generally. It is a tricolor film: when you look at it with the naked eye or project it it looks fine but if you examine it with a loupe you will see distinctly the red, blue and green components -- sort of like putting a loupe up to a TV screen. Since getting an NPC back for one of my Nikons I rarely use it, but it still proves to be a useful tool. it is excellent for checking lighting