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andrea milano
19-Aug-2000, 05:55
Dear Friends and contributors,

I recently acquired a polaroid 8"x10" film holder and an electric processor (I k now, I should have bought a hand cranked type.......That's all I could find). I' ve never used Polaroid of this size, I got myself some (expensive) film, hoping that there would be some information in the box on how to load the negative in t he film holder and how to couple a positive with the negative in the processor. None of this information in the pack, as a matter of fact there was nothing at a ll besides the film. So here I am , once again, asking some learned advice from you. Please be graphi c, if you can, mail me some scans or copies of the manual for this machine, I'll be grateful to all who offer help, I won't be amused if I receive sarcastic com ments. Thanks for your help

Erik The Viking
19-Aug-2000, 06:16

Check out www.polaroid.com. Email Polaroid your questions, and get the answers from the source.

Pete Caluori
21-Aug-2000, 10:08

Polaroid made two types of 8x10 film holders. The older type is used by itself, but the newer style requires a loading tray. With the newer type the holder with exposed negative is placed in the tray alog with the paper and the entire thing is placed in the processor.

With the older style holder, after the negative is exposed the paper and chemical pack is slid into the holder and the holder is placed in the processor.

E-mail me directly if you need more help, but as the previous poster suggested Polaroid Corp. can offer a great deal of help and they do have a toll free phone number. Good luck!


22-Aug-2000, 00:11
"I won't be amused if I receive sarcastic comments" Thats so classic.-J