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15-Mar-2007, 07:50
I just bought for 200 Euri a strange animal (without the bellow): the back is Toyo 8 x 10 GII (all black), the front is a Toyo 4x5 C (all black) , the monorail is chromate. It is just a matter of name or I lost something?

Thanks for your help

Ralph Barker
15-Mar-2007, 08:57
A Toyenstein? ;)

Toyo employs a fairly modular design on their cameras, so many of the parts are somewhat interchangeable. The rise/fall rails on the 810G/GII front standard are a bit longer (and heavier) than those on the 45C, but the bellows attachment and lens boards are the same size. Thus, with the 45C front standard, you might be rise-limited, but it should be OK for most things.

Per Madsen
15-Mar-2007, 09:30
A Toyenstein? ;)

More like a Mecha-Godzila, I think !

Brian C. Miller
15-Mar-2007, 09:51
IIRC, that's a Toyo 4x5 with the 8x10 conversion. Replacement bellows are available from Toyo or retailer.

19-Mar-2007, 02:07
Thanks to everybody. Very helpful.

Now I understand that I have a big 4 X 5 or, putting in a different way a small 8 x 10