View Full Version : Why Polaroid 55?

15-Mar-2007, 06:19
What does it do special? Do most of you use it for the negative? I've seen some great photo's done with it, and wondering what aspects were influenced by the medium.


steve simmons
15-Mar-2007, 06:22
A very good negative. Fine grained and long scale. Long rumored to be Panatomic X. This is a great film for people w/o a darkroom who want a good neg to scan.

steve simmons

Ted Harris
15-Mar-2007, 07:10
Steeve pretty much said it all. I use it a lot because I always loved Panatomic X and because of its convenience. An example, if you are out street shooting using some sort of a PS 45 you can hand someone the print (yeah it will be a bit overexposed) of the shot you just made of them and they will likely be delighted and you have your good negative.

Scott Davis
15-Mar-2007, 07:21
Also, a lot of folks love the funky edges you get on the Type 55 negatives. It gives it more of a "unique", "hand-crafted" feel.

Walter Calahan
15-Mar-2007, 07:30
If you want to see two examples I've done, I have them up on the portfolio page of my web site. The Polaroid framing adds a unique look, and the smoothness of the film is wonderful. BUT, the negative is very delicate and easily damaged.

Christopher Perez
15-Mar-2007, 08:16
Type55 works well for traditional silver image enlargements, and for contact printing alternative process work. It also scans well, if you're into digital.

David R Munson
15-Mar-2007, 09:15
I love it because the negatives have this amazing, excruciatingly sharp, almost liquid/grainless feel to them. The contrast is great, too. Overall just a fantastic look that I find suits my work well. I just wish I could afford it more often! :P

Brian C. Miller
15-Mar-2007, 10:10
It makes a good negative and its very convenient. Make an instant print to view the scene, then make another exposure to develop for later. No darkroom work, just let it develop and then clear it. No problem.