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15-Mar-2007, 06:17
Hi all,
Just starting out with LF having treated myself to an MPP Microtechnical MK VII. I expect I can make all sorts of photographic messes with all those camera movements to play with!!!!

Mark Sampson
15-Mar-2007, 06:29
Wecome aboard! Among other things, this forum is a great resource for cleaning up those kinds of messes...

Ralph Barker
15-Mar-2007, 09:04
Welcome to the LF Forum, David, and to the "dark slide", as well.

While the mess potential is almost unlimited, so are the success potential and the funocity.

16-Mar-2007, 06:03
Not quite on the "dark slide" yet, waiting for a few to show up from ebay and some film from 7dayshop.com, in the meantime I really must dig out my changing bag!

Ron Marshall
16-Mar-2007, 06:06
Welcome to the forum David.

18-Mar-2007, 08:04
Got some dark slides now but still no film, of course the half of the order that turned up yesterday was the half I'd ordered for a friend so we could save a couple of quid each on postage:(
Still gives me another day or two to find my changing bag and hopefully it'll have my fantastic little Lubitel 6x6 which I can't find either in it!!!!!

Uri Kolet
18-Mar-2007, 19:53
Welcome from Vancouver, David; this is a fun neighbourhood. Cheers, Uri

John Kasaian
19-Mar-2007, 22:47
Welcome aboard! Have fun with that MPP!

19-Mar-2007, 22:53
HI David,

Welcome from Hawaii. I'm sure you will enjoy your new toy.

20-Mar-2007, 06:52
Greetings :)

20-Mar-2007, 10:58
It's great fun! Whee!

24-Mar-2007, 14:16
Thanks all, new changing bag arrived today, film got here last Wed so think I'll go for a play tomorrow!