View Full Version : Spell Check with mac?

Kirk Gittings
14-Mar-2007, 23:29
Curious? I am switching much of my routine computer work over to my new MacBook Pro from a Dell pc. Some things work differently of course. One thing has me puzzled in terms of this forum. The spell check deal on this forum does not seem to function on the mac. It underlines the misspelled word but there is no drop down menu with a correct version. What am I missing? It works in Thunderbird but not here in FireFox. This is true in other forums as well. Am I going to have to learn to spell again?

Walter Calahan
15-Mar-2007, 00:35
Have you tried Safari?

Larry Gebhardt
15-Mar-2007, 05:40
In Firefox on the mac you need to right click on the underlined word. On my MacBook this is accomplished with placing two fingers on the trackpad and pressing the one big button. The lack of a second mouse button is still a fairly big annoyance to me, and I almost always use an external mouse because of it.

Edit: This is a Firefox spell checker that you are seeing and not part of this forum.

Greg Lockrey
15-Mar-2007, 05:49
Am I going to have to learn to spell again?

Kirk, spellcheck? My bubble has just burst, I always thought that you were one of those extra smart guys. :rolleyes:

15-Mar-2007, 05:49
My firefox spell-checks on the mac. I selected "spell check this field" when I had ctrl-clicked on the reply box I think.

Some forums it won't work with but I believe there are options in the tools menu to make it work

Scott Knowles
15-Mar-2007, 05:52
I think it's a browser capability, Safari has it in the "edit" menu options. It underlines and highlight words, and you can have it check as you type. Then you click the spelling option in the "edit" menu and it displays other words to choose from. Personally I use one of those traditional large print things, the OED American Dictionary, instead of the computer tools. And it makes good arm exercise lifting it up and down (it sits on the floor next to the computer table).

Kirk Gittings
15-Mar-2007, 11:17
Thanks all. It appears if I control click on the field it appears. Thanks.

domenico Foschi
15-Mar-2007, 15:52
I wonder if I can find a grammar check software. :D

Eric James
15-Mar-2007, 17:00
Thanks all. It appears if I control click on the field it appears. Thanks.

I had know idea that their was such a grate function built in - that's sweat!

Robert Hughes
16-Mar-2007, 07:39
Now if only they'd make an intention correction routine, so everything I wrote sounded brilliant...