View Full Version : HP5 in Pyrocat-HD

tim atherton
14-Mar-2007, 20:53
Does anyone have some good starting times for HP5 in Pyrocat?

I'm at the cottage and the only developer I have with me is Pyrocat, and I thought I'd brought all FP4 (which I normally develop with it), but one box was HP5.... and I have no times etc for it and I'm having trouble tracking a starting point down online.

So if anyone has a good starting point - 20c, trays or btzs tubes just for silver or scanning, no fancy alt stuff - let me know (I tend to do the constant agitation thing, rather than stand and so on)


(and getting hold of another developer isn't really an option right now)

Ron Marshall
14-Mar-2007, 23:08
Here you are:


David Schaller
15-Mar-2007, 05:28
I develop, in trays Pyrocat HD 1:1:100, HP5 two minutes more than FP4. My times @70F are 13 minutes and 11 minutes for HP5 and FP4 respectively.

Jan Pedersen
15-Mar-2007, 06:41
I don't use the HP variation but the MC which i think is so close anyway.
My time with HP5+ is 18 minutes @ 20C 1+1+100 1 minute initial agitation in a Jobo 2521 and then 10 seconds every 5 minutes. Looks good in a Beseler 45 with condenser head. Hope you can use this.

tim atherton
15-Mar-2007, 18:49
thanks !